Adrian is a patient and dedicated instructor, with decades of professional teaching experience since finishing his university studies in Music in 1996. He adapts his teaching style to suit the needs and goals of his students, and creates a personalized curriculum for each. His systematic approach to teaching instrumental technique ensures a solid musical foundation.

His specialties are jazz harmony, improvisation, and fingerstyle guitar, and he teaches most popular music styles on acoustic or electric. Jazz students have also included pianists, bassists, and woodwind players.

His vocal teaching focusses on developing a malleable and expressive voice that is connected to the body. The VMT methodology is closer to actor’s training than to traditional singing lessons. He combines technical voice and movement exercises with an approach that nurtures the creativity and uniqueness of each student’s voice.

Adrian was the music teacher at Great River Waldorf School for 2013-14, teaching singing, solfège, pentatonic flute and recorder.

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